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CtP Prepress Services
Our team provides a wide variety of service and maintenance programs that can be customized for your specsive business needs. Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of problems can be resolved with a simple phone call. In cases where a technician is needed, our fully trained service engineers can help keep your equipment running no matter where your printing operation is located.

Calibrate your machine to switch to another CtP plate

There is a lot of savings potential in switching from one typeof CtP plate to a lower cost option. Plate profiles need to be programmed into the CtP System and calibrations need to be performed in order to successfully change from one plate to another. As a third party service company, we offer affordable, no-contract […]


We can help get your Prepress equipment back into production.

Our team can repair your platesetter quickly and efficiently. Our highly experienced staff is equipped with the latest in CtP diagnostic tools. We offer assistance with both software and hardware related issues. Count on Viprofix to get your equipment back up and running as fast as possible. We offer on-site CtP Service in all 50 […]


We can help solve any problems with your workflow

Our staff is here help resolve any problems you may be facing with your current workflow. We can also help provide and install new software and equipment. Contact us to help find the right solution for your particular print production environment.


Keep your equipment running smoothly with regular preventative maintenance

Regular maintenance visits will prolong the life of your pre-press equipment and ensure that your production runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact our service department today and ask for assistance with preventive maintenance to ensure trouble-free plate production.


Kodak,Screen,Heidelberg Laser Head Replacement

If you are a using Kodak Trendsetter, Screen, Heidelberg CtP you know that the laser head is the most critical part of your CtP system. It wears out with time and could be quite expensive to replace through the original manufacturer. We offer more affordable repair and replacement solutions for Kodak thermal laser heads ,Heidelberg […]


CTP Laser Diode, Laser Head Service

Our team can service the most important component of your CtP platesetter. We repair and replace CtP lasers for all major models and manufacturers. We specialize in Kodak Trendsetter, Magnus, and Lotem laser heads. We also offer replacement CtP laser diodes and repair service for Agfa, Fuji, Heidelberg and Screen multi-diode equipment. Whether your model […]


Service of your equipment

A Prepress service contract will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are protected against any unexpected production problems. We have lab facilities to repair Kodak and Creo Thermal Laser Heads. Heidelberg Head, Screen , Fuji, Agfa Laser Diode We also havea vast inventory of spare parts for all CtP […]


Remote Diagnostics

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