We can help solve any problems with your workflow

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Our staff is here help resolve any problems you may be
facing with your current workflow. We can also help provide
and install new software and equipment. Contact us to help
find the right solution for your particular print production

We offer support and workflow solutions for
any size print operation. We work with all
sizes of printing companies, from small
commercial shops to larger operations that
run multiple plate output devices.

Upgrade Older SCSI Equipment

Is your RIP or Workflow obsolete?
Still using Windows 2018 or running older
equipment that uses a SCSI card? SCSI
cards are unsupported, incompatible with
current Windows operating systems and
obsolete. This can put your CTP investment
at risk and your production in jeopardy.
We can upgrade your hardware and software
to keep your system protected. The Xitron
USB-SCSI interface is currently compatible
with the Kodak, Creo, and Heidelberg
Trendsetters (MPE), Agfa all model
(single-ended and high voltage differential),
and Fujifilm Platesetters. If you are
running an older machine with a SCSI interface
and would like to move to a 64-bit platform,
this upgrade will also allow you to do so.


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