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Rental Screen8300 Thermal CTP


BRAND Screen
MODEL 8300
YEAR 2007
SIZE 450 x 370 mm (17.8" x 14.6") (GTO size) to 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6" x 37")
CONDITION very good
DESCRIPTION 450 x 370 mm (17.8" x 14.6") (GTO size) to 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6" x 37")
PRICE 40,000/Month

The versatility and performance you need for your pressroom
Why is thermal computer-to-plate (CTP) technology the system of choice for so many successful companies? There’s no doubt about thermal CTP’s reliable high-quality output. It is unrivalled for its superb sharp dots. Whenever quality is crucial, the natural choice is thermal. Its consistency for long run lengths and easy daylight handling are also important for many printers. And the bottom line is always about keeping the presses running.
The PlateRite 8300S and PlateRite 8300E are state-of-the-art thermal CTP recorders. They deliver the versatility and productivity you need to keep your presses running. And they can do this for any plate format from B3 to B1 size.
Both also offer optional inline plate punching for perfect on-press register and faster makeready times, as well as Screen’s acclaimed autoloader options for unattended plate loading. If you like the idea of running your pressroom at full capacity, you’ll love the PlateRite 8300S and PlateRite 8300E.
Unrivalled Print Quality
The PlateRite 8300S features a 32-channel light source, and combined with a high speed rotating drum, provides output at a blistering 13 plates* per hour. For a more economical choice, the PlateRite 8300E utilizes a 16-channel light source and is capable of outputting 8 plates* per hour.
Experience the exceptional screening reproduction that only thermal plate recorders can deliver. You have a choice of 2 advanced models to suit all your production requirements.
* 1,030 x 800 mm plate size at 2400 dpi.
Suitable for a wide range of plate sizes
The PlateRite 8300S and PlateRite 8300E are suitable for use with a wide range of plate sizes, from 450 x 370 mm (17.8″ x 14.6″) (GTO size) to 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6″ x 37″), and plate thicknesses between 0.15 and 0.3 mm (5.9 and 11.8 mil). They are compatible with plates up to 0.4 mm thick as a factory option. By popular request, they are now also compatible with B3 vertical size plates. Min. plate size
As a factory option, a
plate size of 304 x 370 mm (12.0″ x 14.6″)
can be supported on both models.


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