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Rental BasysPrint 741 CTcP


BRAND BasysPrint
YEAR 2005
SIZE 940 x 1150 mm (37 x 45")
DESCRIPTION Series 7 UV-Setters are designed to expose 10pages (up to format class 4) and can be used for commercial, packaging and book printing alike. They expose all plate formats up to a maximum of 940 x 1150 mm (37 x 45").
PRICE 40,000/Month

The highest quality for
the best printing plate in the world
Are you looking for a reliable CTP solution? Then you’ve come to the right place! The basysPrint UV-Setter is not only process stable but also economical and simplistic.
The basysPrint UV-Setter exposes your tried and tested UV-sensitive printing plate. And that’s more than innovative, because currently there is no better printing plate in the world. After all, you expect nothing but the best: a durable, economical and per-fectly exposed printing plate. Independent institutes have attested to the quality of this UV-sensitive printing plate. So, what else could be more cost-effective and efficient than exposing your favorite plate using the basysPrint UV-Setter’s UV light technolo-gy? Combine your expertise in plate properties, chemistry and process stability with basysPrint’s CTP technology. The extremely straightforward operation of the exposure unit and its outstanding imaging quality have won it a world class reputation.
Series 7 UV-Setters are designed to expose 8 pages (up to format class 4) and can be used for commercial, packaging and book printing alike. They expose all plate formats up to a maximum of 940 x 1150 mm (37 x 45″).
With DSI² the UV-Setter
is really fast
The new Digital Screen Imaging ensures that the exposure of the printing plate and the moving of the exposure heads happens simultaneously.
Thanks to DSI², the exposure heads move continuously during the exposure over the printing plate. This “scrolling” technol-ogy prevents exposure breaks (during the head movement) and ensures a very short exposure time for your printing plate.
The UV-Setter
cuts the cost of CTP
The basysPrint technology overcomes the problems of other CTP technologies: You continue using your inexpensive UV-sensitive printing plates and your existing processor. Thus the disposal costs will re-main low. And as a back-up, you can even keep your existing imagesetter and plate frame. After all, they process absolutely identical plates.
In addition, the operating costs for the UV-Setter are exceptionally favorable.
CTP technology was quickly acclaimed because of the elimination of film. The higher cost of laser plates, chemicals and disposal however offsets some of the savings. basysPrint gives the best of both worlds, CTP with the advantage of con-ventional plates and processes.


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